Pliolite Rubber Swimming Pool PaintClear Shurbond Liquid AdhesiveLatex Barn PaintsAlkyd Traffic Zone Marking Paints

Clear Shurbond Liquid Adhesive

Represents an amazing development in the field of structural adhesives. Once the top coat has been applied and allowed to set, a permanent bond is formed having phenomenal strength. SHUR-BOND simplifies resurfacing and reduces the costs by the elimination of tedious, time-consuming preparation such as chipping and roughening. It will bond to wood, concrete, ceramic…
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Latex Barn Paints

A top quality barn paint beautifies & protects. Do it right the first time and focus on the animals. Resistant to blistering, alkali, fumes and mildew. It is more resistant to weathering; it has unusual durability on exposure to weather. This product can be tinted with universal colorants to any color desired. It can be…
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Alkyd Traffic Zone Marking Paints

Offers a time-saving, cost-cutting solution to large and small marking problems. It is ideally suited to all methods of application. To maximize skid resistance, aggregates such as sand may be added to the paint prior to application or sifted on to wet paint after application. This product can be used for zone and crosswalk or…
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