Interior/Exterior Quick Dry Alkyd Multi-Seal Primer-Sealer StainkillerExterior Alkyd/Linseed Oil Housepaint PrimerGRASP Interior/Exterior Urethane Modified Acrylic Adhesion PrimerSeries Interior/Exterior Rust Inhibitive Lead Free Metal Primer

Exterior Alkyd/Linseed Oil Housepaint Primer

Manufactured with the finest raw materials available to the paint industry. A time tested formula that combines linseed oil & alkyd resins to strengthen the pores of wood surfaces. This primer exhibits excellent adhesion and sealing properties, drying to a matte finish suitable for top coats of oil or latex paint. 7500 requires no special…
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GRASP Interior/Exterior Urethane Modified Acrylic Adhesion Primer

7700 is a premium quality adhesion primer that has superior adhesion to most hard to coat surfaces including, GLOSSY PAINT, PLASTICS, GLASS, TILE, FIBERGLASS, FORMICA, HARDBOARD, PRE-COATED SIDING, GALVANIZED METALS, NON-FERROUS METALS, AS WELL AS PROPERLY PREPARED FERROUS METALS. GRASP is low odor, low VOC and levels to a smooth finish ready to topcoat. GRASP…
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Series Interior/Exterior Rust Inhibitive Lead Free Metal Primer

7600 is a lead & chromate free metal primer designed to provide long-lasting, dependable protection against rust and deterioration of iron and steel surfaces. Lead free metal primer is a rust-inhibitive, anti-corrosive metal primer. Its excellent rust inhibitive characteristics are provided by the addition of zinc phosphate. This specially processed vehicle drives through a rusted…
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