Interior/Exterior Latex Multi-Seal Primer-Sealer Stainkiller

7400 is a primer that has excellent properties of sealing, stain-killing and adhesion. When used as an undercoat on new wood, it provides excellent enamel hold-out and will not cause excessive grain raising. Excellent results are possible over smoke, grease, lipstick, ink and dyes on previously painted and unpainted surfaces. Certain staining agents may require special attention and should be tested before proceeding with the entire job. It can be used under vinyl wall coverings as a liner coat. It seals drywall and cured plaster so that wall coverings will slip on application and insure good adhesion and future release. It also can be used over varnished or enameled surfaces and provides good adhesion to glossy surfaces. It is also excellent for tacking down old dusty or powdery surfaces.