Base Interior/Exterior Premium Acrylic Latex Stainkill Primer-Sealer

7250 is a premium plus grade stain killing primer that provides excellent performance properties of stain killing, sealing and adhesion. Base does not contain alcohol or shellac and will not soften the enamel or varnish it is being applied over. When used as an undercoat over new wood, it provides excellent enamel hold-out and will not cause excessive grain raising. Its premium stain killing properties will prevent bleed-through of most stains. It is suitable over varnished or enameled surfaces and provides excellent adhesion to glossy surfaces. It can be used over smoke, grease, lipstick, ink, dye and water stains on previously painted or non-painted surfaces. It can be used for general spot priming and on exterior wood or metal siding, exterior masonry, galvanized metal, new wood, and as a prime coat for vinyl wall covering. Certain staining agents such as tannic acid and/or mineral salts found in water staining which may be difficult to control may require special attention and should be tested before proceeding with entire job.