The big paint guys come in and, just because they already made a bunch of paint, think it would be perfect for my application.  When it ends up failing, they don't change it, they just leave. Gateway Paint continues to improve my product, that's why I choose Gateway Paint

Joe McGarry


Take pride in your Part/Product
You spend a significant amount of time creating and perfecting your product.  Don't just slap any paint on it to give it color.  We can customize a coating that enhances your product and separates it from your competition.  Some of the properties we can customize are:

Drying time
Flow and Leveling
Rust Inhibition
Water Resistance
Heat Resistance
Exact Computer Color Matching

Gateway Paints has the knowledge and expertise to custom formulate the paint or coating for your specific needs. Our customized products will not only make your product last longer and look better , but will be perfectly suited for your manufacturing capabilities.

We provide OEM customized industrial coatings to many clients in industries such as steel fabrication, refurbished mine & mill machinery, propane gas tanks, refuse dumpsters, wood & metal door manufacturers, cranes, trains, & lumber mills.

Gateway Paint offers VOC Compliant (Volatile Organic Compounds) primers and topcoats in water reducible acrylics or alkyds, solvent based alkyds, polyurethanes, quick drying vinyl toluene alkyds, linseed oil, etc. All products are designed to meet/exceed all applicable environmental applications/regulations, such as the OTC (Ozone Transport Commission) and the PA DEP (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection).

Contact us to talk about ways your product can benefit from custom coatings and specialty paint from Gateway Paints.

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